Company mission

For years we have been known as a reliable developer, experienced contractor of construction
services, and comprehensive manufacturer of building materials. Our experience as well as a modern
and open-minded view of the world make the company a reliable and trusted business partner.
Our strategy is based on an individual approach to each project and reaching out to our client’s
expectations and the requirements of the market. We work towards the consistent implementation
of new solutions and technologies; we care for high competences and qualifications of our
employees. We put special emphasis on RESPONSIBILITY for the results of the deals with our clients,
employees, and trade partners.
We strive for the highest quality of our products that are characterized by precision, perfection,
durability, and safety; we also want them to impart prestige and self-esteem to people who reach for
We want our brand to be a byword for a house on a stable foundation, beaming with peace,
warmness, and stability. We always work in accordance with the market’s and our own needs; we
want to be beneficial for people but also environmentally friendly.
We care about offering you products and services that provide you with many years of satisfaction.
We know that while building and renovating housing, industrial and public facilities, and producing
high-quality building materials, we primarily BUILD UP TRUST.

Our mission was launched in 1989 and continues History