Buszrem S.A.

BUSZREM S.A. is a company with years of successful experience in the widely comprehended construction industry. It is possible to divide our activity in a few profiles. The market leader is the production of cobble blocks, slabs and street furniture. You will find in our offer above all the wide range of concrete products with high quality and unique charm. We have production sites of cobble blocks and slabs Gralewo and Włocławek, factory warehouses and numerous sales coverage. Our factory laboratory is looking after the integrity of the production of cobble blocks, slabs and other concrete products. Thanks to the specialist transport we are able to deliver our products quickly, cheaply and safely.

A service delivery is a next activity of the company as the general contractor of building-installation investments. Here we are working above all on the domestic market, with particular reference to Lodz and Masovian province. We are well-known from the comprehensive implementation of turnkey project. We are carrying out the set of installation and finishing construction works.

A prefabrication is a realively a new activity profile. We make prefabricated elements out of LECA concrete alternatives to traditional buildings methods in the plant Włocławek.

Applying modern technologies, offering the high quality of services and competitive prices provides not only the business continuity but also the gradual development.